14 November 2003

Mystic Me says: {insert ooohhhhhh dream-sequence sound effect}

Glass represents a barrier that protects you from the things you are scared of (blue things, lasers) while still allowing you to see them. I suggest that you are trying to confront the outside world (the street) and finding it pretty scary, but you’re determined not to turn away. Sometimes the things you’re scared of get out of control. You have mechanisms for coping with them (like putting on music) but that doesn’t always work in the way you expect. You are also puzzled as to why these things are scary – is life always like this (an accident) or are these scary things deliberately being placed in your way (malicious intent). You also feel that you’re alone in confronting these things, because in your dream you’re always by yourself.

{and another sound effect here}
Thus spake Mystic Me.

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