14 November 2003

And off the topic somewhat ... Aunty B’s abstract representation dreams of the last week:

Upon being in a ground floor room, possibly a bar, with polished wooden floorboards and large plate glass windows right across the street frontage. I was the only person there. One by one, several, blue, solid, capsule-shaped objects slid along the outside street, and through the front door (left ajar) to skitter around in the room I was in, and bump into the leg of a grand piano. They were about the size of a blackboard eraser.

This was quite creepy, so as a dreamer I switched on a soundtrack to make it more cheery (“Hello” by Cat Empire to be precise), and then the objects were dancing instead of skittering menacingly. So then I closed the front door, and the objects kept appearing and started to pile up against the glass. The weight became enough that one at a time they were pushed through the gap between the floor and the bottom of the glass doors. Just as the pressure had gotten enough and was about to force the door back open, I woke up.

Upon waking on a Saturday morning to find that something had punctured both the outside windows to the sunroom (facing onto the street), as well as the inside glass door between the sunroom and my bedroom. The hole was circular outside and the inside door was all smashed to smithereens, curtains were blowing in and it was looking or getting rainy. Your Aunty B spent the rest of the dream trying to workout whether it was a branch, a thrown object or a laser (?) that has made the hole, and whether it was accidental or malicious. Also the room had shifted to the first floor in the dream, and the windows were higher up. The inside was the same as in life.

So. Glass, and street facing rooms. What say the girls-who-make-use-of-the-mind?

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