18 January 2015

Travel wish list 2015

Places and experienced I would put on a list of world destinations for the next ten years.

Petra, Jordan

A trading city founded a couple of centuries, BC by Nabateans. Seen on 'Human Planet'. They did extensive water engineering. Pictures from this blog.

Ethiopian carved churches - Lalibela

Three stories high, and built as an alternative Jerusalem. 900 years old. As seen in Daily Mail.

Mongolian Ger (Yurt)

Inspired by reading Tim Cope's on the Trail of Ghengis Khan where he travels across Mongolia and Russia on horseback. Photo from this tourism company.

Nunavut, Canada

Ok I might never get to this one, really. But I heard about it many years ago helping to tell the stories of WWF Climate Witness program. It's in the Arctic circle and they do dogsledding and stuff up there. Photo from Nunavut tourism.

Iceland and Norway

One day. Photo from Black Tomato guide to Iceland. Driving over from Netherland germany over the road bridge via Denmark always seemed like fun.

Cycling Loire Valley France

Looks pretty easy to do independently via a train from Paris and hire bikes.  Photo from cycling-loire.com

The cooler climate in many of these may be influenced by the hot sticky weather in Sydney this last week, 18 Jan 2015.

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