7 September 2011

Searching for my muse, day 1

Greetings from Ubud Monkey Forest. For some reason I have decided to stay on the street of the primates. It's rather like a whole lot of small, grey hairy people walking round a dirt track. I have so far failed to find enlightenment. In fact, I've failed to even find a yoga class. Which, if you know this part of the world, is like saying I have not yet found my backside with both hands. This town is renowned for its veritable king's banquet of every kind of spiritual, yogic, karmic service you can imagine. In fact after a rather hot and sweaty trek up the main street it is clearly full to overflowing with the fulfillment to be found in material possessions. Yes, Bali-files, I did find "Yoga Barn" on the main street but for some perverse reason decided to stay in a little satellite town-ette which is a taxi ride away from the all day-drop in centres. I actually intended to stay at "Swasti Eco-retreat" a bamboo-dominated, green and luscious, be-pooled and somewhat self-righteous compound with its own massage centre, only to find 'no room at the inn' - so am next door at the less glamorous pad which appears to have some kind of building work going on. Ah the serenity.

After this truly most western of disappointments, I was then chuffed to be directed immediately over the road and down an enchanting little footpath to the ashtanga yoga teachers. Bingo, I thought. Om shanti. I was serenely greeted by a lithe blond American clad only in cotton hotpants and a bandeau who asked how long I was staying. Turns out a few nights isn't enough to learn anything at this particular spot - minimum two weeks for this particular discipline. (Ashtangaworld dot com I am informed if I wish to look at the website). Yes, "we require somewhat of a commitment here, you can go to drop in classes all day at Yoga Barn in town", she kindly explains. Since I had just caught a glimpse of hubby's retreating figure wearing little but a white loincloth and a long grey beard, I wasn't too fussed to be honest.

So judging from the dearth of blogging, I lost track of my muse somewhere between the Zeedyke and Tamarama Surf Club. I'm not sure what she'd be doing here in Bali, but if I can find some asanas then she may be tempted into returning to me. I fear however she may be distracted by the shiny things and be trapped in some endless gauntlet run beset on both sides by people calling out for transport/ taksi/ sunglasses/ and offering random wood carvings of harley davidsons and interlocked elephants.

Speaking of which, the run from this internet cafe back to the pad will be a monkey-laden night time stroll. I hope they all remain calm and don't turn into some b-grade swarm that has decided it likes the taste of human flesh.

Namaste from cyberspace.

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