9 August 2008


Hey those with feed readers, sorry if you thought that title might refer to some personal tortured tale of woe and heartache from me. It is actually about Natalie Imbruglia. And earache.

The neighbour downstairs and directly behind us has been playing "Torn" by our Natalie, on repeat for at least 2 hours. She was playing it many times yesterday, too. And on Wednesday when I was working in my bedroom office all afternoon with the balcony door open. When I close the door I can't hear it through the double glazing. But it's quite muggy at the moment and it's nicer to have the breeze. This week, fresh air seems to come accompanied by endless repetition of "I'm all out of faith / This is how I feel / I'm cold and I am shamed / Lying naked on the floor .... " wafting in as well.

She was definitely home this morning, she kept coming into the yard to trim hedges, to empty buckets. etc. Her yard is so close I could spit into it from my first floor balcony. But I couldn't quite work up the courage to talk to her. Kind of a tricky one. See I've got no problem with music, I don't care about the volume, I JUST WANT TO HEAR A DIFFERENT SONG. Currently I've wimped out. But if it goes on another couple of days, maybe I'll have to resort to a passive aggressive note. Perhaps I should give her a new cd.

They're terrible lyrics, really. I've always thought that the word "torn" in the song was just an angsty metaphor for being heartbroken. But for me, it's always conjured up images of what happens in a difficult birth (and now it will for you too...) - just an unfortunate lyric choice by an inexperienced pop star. Now I've seen them written down, she could be singing about a rape, almost.

Anyway, not the kind of thing you want to hear over and over and over. Biz and I have discussed possible explanations of the repetitive sound track:
- she' s left it on to make it seem like someone's home and is actually out, unknowingly creating a neighbour torture device (sadly - no, I've seen her)
- she's had a break up and is wallowing (but like, wouldn't just one night on the red wine with Nat be enough? Come on, three days!? )
- she's learning the song for a karaoke competition (ever heard of the internet?)
- she's deaf and doesn't know it's on repeat. (hmmmm)
- it was the sample song that came with her new ipod, and she just really wants to play it and doesn't know how to get new tracks on there. (a bit far fetched, perhaps)
- she's lonely and just wants some music as company (a. no-one's that lonely, and b. we have a thing called TV and radio for that)
- she just really likes that song, and she's eastern european and doesn't really undertstand the lyric anyway.

Signing off, confused, sharing the joys of high density living. Bee.


meririsa said...

Sounds dreadful, and like something I might (only might) have done as a teenager... but with a cooler song (I'd like to think)

Anonymous said...

c'mon! break up wallowing takes MONTHS... even years for some people I won't mention (ah[bsharp]hem)

BSharp said...

HEY! if you're going to take the piss outta me on my own blog...at least sign your name.

In my defence (your honour) a) Nick Cave is cooler than Natalie Imbruglia, and b)people can choose whether to read the first few months of posts here, not have it inflicted on them from the balcony door!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! i was gonna mention Nick Cave but you did it for me ;)

it's wek here xxx

... in the midst of break up wallowing so i reserve the right to remind evryone that we've *all* been there.

i'm not playing any music as heartache therapy though - cuz we all know no good can come of that

take pity on yr poor neighbour - she's been dumped *and* she has terrible music taste :(

hang in there tiger

perhaps play some Nick Cave back at her?

BSharp said...

Heheh. Hello wek! In that case, it's ok, you have full pisstaking privledges. ;-D

Also she's stopped now and the sun is out, so its all good.

Oh you mean you're -not- taking the opportunity to annoy the neighbours with some obscure 90s alt rock? Shame. What better time?

J said...

oooh nightmare. When it's summer here I get neighbours teenage parties wafting up through my window, with requisite very loud boy talking. You can hear the baseball caps they are wearing even in the dark. You could be peverse and kind of homeopathic and get the album and play the whole thing really loud on repeat if it ever happens again. Love the list of possible explanations - surely one of those must be right. Maybe rather than a note, you could transcribe the list as a handy check box survey! Wonder if she'd fill it out..?