4 August 2008

Imaginary husband corral

(an occasional series)

Older readers may recall my collection of imaginary husbands. Triple J's Richard Kingmill was in it a few years back. David Tennant is a newer recruit (but he has a very busy schedule of imaginary wives these days), I could probably be tempted to cheat on David and Richard with Russel Brand, though, only because he looks like a cross between David Bowie and my first boyfriend, and he's cheekier than both. But an older, more abiding and somewhat secret passion of mine has been for Brendan Fraser. I can sense the real Mr B slapping his forehead at this, saying "Jesus, not that Fraser again... enough! - It's just brendan-brendan-brendan around here at the moment." But BF is kinda goofy and knowing somehow at the same time, eminently watchable, and I'd even go and see him in the Mummy, and put up with the "fog of special effects" as described in this article and interview with the Guardian. But, having read it just now he now seems, well, kind of nuts, too.


Betty Sue said...

When I see Brendan Fraser, I always think, not smart but can lift heavy things.

BSharp said...

lifting heavy things is an important skill.

J said...

yes we will all have to be in an imaginary polygamous family with David Tennant. I think Brendan on teh other hand will remain less contested. There are trolleys and lifting devices after all.