24 December 2007

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Well greetings blogland, from Adelaide. City of a growing number of groovy bars. Apparently they've changed the licensing laws to make it easier to create smaller, potentially less commercially viable places than when I was a lass. Speaking of bars, this is the site of a man I met in bar in Amsterdam, a busker film-maker, who is a fan of Henry Miller. When I said "Oh Henry Miller was a misogynist" , he replied "Why do all women say that?" - which was either very quick and dryly funny - or a little dumb. I chose to assume the former.

Being int this town right up to the morning of new years' eve means I get to go to Rockabilly Riot at La Boheme - any readers want to go.? Do I have any Adelaide readers? Anyway got to go get the house ready for the rellie bash. Happy Christmas, ho ho ho.

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