30 December 2007

Constant Movement

On the go again. Tomorrow it's a 6am flight to Sydney. Then a train ride down the coast with my sister, which should a be a good journey. Fairly straightforward connection, someone to meet us at the other end, no task to complete on the way, just riding off to have some fun for a few days.

When we return to Sydney I've only got a few days of uninterrupted socialising, then back to the sunny South for 3 nights (it's a family thing). Then Sydney for two nights, then Amsterdam. Biz reckons you have to pay somehow for being able to cover 12,000 kms in 24 hours. Jetlag is the obvious one, but perhaps pieces of you are left scattered all over the planet. Physically and psychologically. Same with scooting all over the country. Where are my socks again?

On wednesday, when the darling man gets back, the forecast is 0 degrees and light
snow. I guess we find out then if my house plants are frozen into little blocks of ice. Maybe the canals will freeze this year. Today reached 40 degrees in Adelaide. I'm sure there's a penalty for extreme changes of temperatures too.

Happy New year everyone, hopefully I'll see youse next week.

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