17 February 2007

Speaking of diaries

For anyone who was a serious angst-meister in their late teens, now is the chance to get published! The cringe book started as a reading night in New York, and is now an online project requesting scans of old diary pages. The test of whether your material is worthy of the book: "when you read it to yourself, do you physically cringe?".

And Stu, yes, I am also one of those oldies occasionally seen at gigs with earplugs*, but I wear the skin toned gel ones, with my hair down because I am still a bit self-conscious that my rock star image may be tainted. I remember seeing people 10 years ago with the fluoro yellow ones and knew that they were doing the right thing but still thinking "god they look terrible". More fool me. A family friend of mine with tinnitus recently got some kind of treatment that helps your brain filter out the noise, it involves playing certain frequency sounds to yourself for months. Apparently it works. Cost: $3,000. Shit.

* but more often at home with a book, no tv, no music and the windows shut.

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Stu said...

I give people funny looks for not wearing earplugs at gigs. I wear bright orange ones, I think it helps to remind everyone that they should be wearing earplugs too. Besides, I'm never going to have a rockstar image whether I wear them or not anyway!
I did try giving up gigs but that just didn't work at all. I've been to two this weekend (Damo Suzuki, The Evens) but the ears seem to be OK, so I'll keep it up with The Handsome Family on Wednesday.