17 February 2007

floral tribute

Last night I went to an event at 34B, the specialised burlesque club in Sydney. The host in her opening monologue said
"I like to think of the deviants in the world as like the flowers, without them life would be incredibly boring. Unless you're really into dirt. But if you are into dirt, that's okay too, we're all individuals here."
Anyway, there was a mix of girls and boys doing outrageous things on stage, some of the performers from gurlesque and the tranny cops, and a young man who drank a potion and giant tentacles sprouted from his pants, then strangled him. He looked like a young Ewan McGregor. A fun night was had by all.


Betty Sue said...

That sounds like a dream I once had. Getting saucy with Ewan MacGregor only to have a very Freudian and disappointing ending :)

BSharp said...

That sounds intriguing BettyS! I guess we're not going to hear the full story though... And by the way am I the only person considering seeing a potentially limp "Miss Potter" film just for our fave dorky Scottish actor?

Mrs Ewan MacGregor nee Betty Sue said...

I heard Miss Potter was a bit limp, but I am anxious to see whether my passion for Mr MacGregor will be dimmed by his moustache.
And who are you calling dorky?