6 April 2006

Tourist in my own town

I went to Coogee Beach today. I think I've only been there about 4 times before, once on a sunny winters day to start the cliff top walk to Bondi with two women friends. Today I walked the other direction, south, and discoved the divine Coogee Women's only baths. Its still 20 cents entry (possibly price fixed since the 30s!) and you can swim laps while looking at the little fishies, feeling safely enclosed by a concrete wall from those sharks that made them close the beach a month or so back. It looks like this.

Todays's quote "All knowledge has value". Honours Religious Sociology Student to Council Worker at Sydney Uni Bus Stop.


J said...

Wish I'd been at the beach today...

meririsa said...

What a nice place to swim!! Must go there myself.

Anyone able to meet up this weekend? I crash early (before 10 ideally), but Saturday is free, as is Friday night.