3 April 2006


  • Hi anyone who may occasionally check out the old buzz page. In case you were wondering i am currently:
  • Mooching in the scenic art pad/thinkspace and occupational therapy centre that Miss J is ably running in the Blue Mountains.
  • Procrastinating from a writing task I set myself out of pure love and a desire to keep the spanish up to scratch by redecorating a tired old blog.. lime green..i dunno
  • Thinking about what might be a reasonable form of paid employment that can ward off insanity and moral collapse for a few more years
  • Plotting to obtain a home with a garden. Inspired by baby eggplants at the city crash landing pad under the flight path (many thanks to Miss A and the absentee hosts for that one). Just need to decide what city/state/country to grow those little suckers in
  • Waiting for rolls of film to be developed (Tip: kmart works out cheaper than the photo labs, and still has kodak equipment on site)
  • Taking calls for Biz
  • Cooking and doing craft for expectant mothers (a joy not a chore)
  • Preparing for a sojourn down in Adelaide
  • Pondering being 30 and still wearing novelty teeshirts (its the new 21 I hear)
  • Listening to old time Tango, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave in high rotation
  • Not watching TV


Betty Sue said...

Good to have you back, darlin'.

meririsa said...

I think novelty t-shirts are a thing for our generation... our kids will say "Awww Mum/Dad, do you HAVE to wear that??" but later get them out for 90's dress-ups parties the same way I high-jacked my dad's ban the bomb necklace and bodyshirts for 60's parties. Don't resist it.

J said...

Lovely having you mooch with me miss.