30 March 2005

From the new desk.

Hey word up itchy P! Nice of you to drop in. However, I must disagree with you there. See, much of one's readership has become familiar personally over the years with some of the subtler ways a society that still has one set of rules for blokes and another for sheilas, (like, er, lower average pay for the same work) . Then when one reads *another* missdevine article harping on about how nasty people are to femme columnists, and at the same time claiming that "feminism' is done and dusted, i think it is only fair to vent. As does betty sue with such style and panache.

And in other news. The casa sharp web-den is now fully wired, refurbished and is just incredibly inviting to sit late into the night at. So feel free to provide me with oxygen, or things to talk about. This is all thanks to the return of a somewhat battered biz-meister, and a trip to the giant Salvo Store at the End of the Universe (Tempe) , for exciting furniture actually pupose-built for writing at - who woulda thunk it. (Yes the headline wasn't a typo, until now your aunty B has suffered cramped hands at the mercy of the worlds smallest and wrong-heighted desk, all for your reading pleasure).

Hey and maybe I should report that I am a lady of leisure this whole week.. Two glorious week days and one weekend left. I could get used to this caper oh yes. Bit of redecorating, bit of lounging at the beach, bit of home cookin'. The days are so full!

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