4 July 2004

Rollin rollin rollin' . . .

Greetings buzz girls and boys. I have the pleasure af writing to you from the the north eastern region of our great continent. That's right its sunny Kween-land.

And what an overwhelming string of experiences its turning out to be. From El Bizarro risking physical if not verbal assault by sipping a glass of Chardonnary at a very, shall we say, masculine drinking establishment on the 4WD track to Cookown to the astounding milkshake-shaped polystyrene cup o' chips we got today at the mobil roadhouse when asking for a "large" serving.

But first an aside ... Ross (of most recent comment and also esteemed host of the Bad Seed website) I have no idea what your point is. But that's cool its been like a fun mystery guessing game for long hours of driving. Possibly its a reference to my earlier rapier-witted piece about "high-risk" communications then my later use of an electronic medium, and perhaps the reference to face to face discussion .. making this a tad hypocritical.. but that was clearly satire n'est pas? Perhaps its some techy thing and Ross has inadvertently been spammed by someone hiding behind my old email..hmmm sorry I don't know how to stop this. But anyway ..congrats you're the first person I don't actually know to post.

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