21 July 2004

Enjoy the silence

Hey all you far flug mob. A word of excuse.. Aunty B's been putting in the big hours in front of the computer screen recently in the daylight hours, and just can't get motivated to make any new words in her spare time.  And god forbid that Buzz would become uninteresting or bland! Quel horreur!

but just for some ambience ..
  • Listenting to: Cure B sides (thanks to Merry risa and co.); MP3s; Lou Reed; the whir of the dalek-esqe air purifier at work; Falling Joys (still); Fourplay; PWEI; TMBG; and I don't care what you boys out there think - Tool really do suck a lot.
  • Reading: the new Louis deBernieres .. in giant hard copy because I couldn't wait.
  • Smelling: my brand new mattress..firm as a very firm young man's.. oh .. that's right this is a public text.
  • Touching: wool and needles and merino/possum wool mix; computer keys.
  • Looking at: Andrew Denton; odd french movies on SBS; holiday photos; the daylight hours get longer.
  • Tasting: vegetartian meals; Australian-grown and roasted coffee; bad food court lunches.

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