12 June 2004

My perfect housemate

..is "laid back" but also remembers to sweep the kitchen floor once a week
..is "easy going" but remembers bin night every second week
..likes great rock and roll, but doesn't play it when I've got an early morning start
..is "up-front" but is polite and circumspect about my more grotty tendencies
..likes cooking extravagant meals for the house, but doesn't leave a pile of nuclear dishes
..is "open-minded" but does't take drugs
..is "alternative" but doesn't clog the basin with hair
..is "sociable and out-going" but doen't have obnoxious friends stay over for a week
..is "warm and friendly" but doesn't have noisy sex
..recycles, conserves energy and water, but isn't a boring hippy

Anyone?, anyone?

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