5 June 2004


These are direct quotes...

"The Prime Minister's White House visit suggested relations between him and Mr Bush are as warm as ever. The President invited Mr Howard to join him in the Old Family Dining Room for an intimate breakfast"

After the talks, Mr Bush described Mr Howard as "a close friend of mine" and said he valued his advice. He said he appreciated the support of Mr Howard in keeping troops in Iraq".

Bush warns Latham on Iraq pull-out

A story about a girl with two mothers that was screened on the ABC's Play School has sparked a political storm . . .

The ABC's head of children's television, Claire Henderson, said the segment "showed one of the many types of family groups that exist in Australia today". . .

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Larry Anthony, warned the ABC against becoming "too politically correct". "I think I'm representing the majority of Australian parents," he said yesterday. "My kids watch Play School. I think it is an excellent production, but I think it's important for those program producers to ensure that they are not just responding to minorities . . . I don't think it's appropriate."

The Health Minister, Tony Abbott, who has three daughters aged 10, 12 and 14, said: "I think that if I'd been watching it with my kids, I'd have been a bit shocked."

Play School's Lesbian Tale Sparks Outrage

.. make up your own mind boys and girls.

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