7 May 2004

Friday wrap-up
And another thing Betty-sue .. will Athens be ready for the Olympics? I seem to remember many people casting nasturtiums on whether Sydney could pull it off, and we had the .. well, you all know how good it was here. Juan Antonio said so. I'm just looking forward to Roy and HG's show. They'll be there for 3 weeks during the games.

Actually, for the Sydney-siders, HG Nelson is doing a show at the Enmore theatre that looks pretty interesting. Also Kiss have announced a second show, following their Entertainment Centre extravaganza, also at the Enmore, for a more "intimate" experience. Ooh there's a scary thought - being intimate with Gene Simmons.

So here are some things I learnt this week:
  • If you can't think of anything smart to say... just say the first thing that comes into your head (no-one will know the difference)

  • Pay attention to the announcements at the train station. They make them for a reason. Otherwise you end up on an express. To Ashfield.

  • Melbourne is definitely groovier than Sydney. Hands down.

  • Well thanks for reading, I've got to go and catch "That's Dancing" on the ABC. Oh the glamour.

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