24 December 2003


What is it about the things that allow (nay, encourage) fully grown adults to just stare at them, sigh, perhaps make some cooing noise and then go completely bloody silent? I watched this happen today to five grown-ups (myself included) not once, but several times. I like to think that I could snap out of the reverie a bit faster than the others. Being the only single one (it wasn't hard was it ... you do the maths) among them.

Does every recent breeder go a bit soggy in the head for a while? I mean its really nice for a while, but kinda hard to sustain any interaction with your mates, as there seems to be few thoughts ticking over outside keeping the new human alive for the next 20 minutes or so. And talking about other family babies and pairings. Deary me, must be an evolutionary thing.

Aunty Bee (with L plates).

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