9 November 2010

I'm done with 2010

Really, it's been a year with no point. I mean, I guess there was an election and all wasn't there. We did get our first lady PM, but it was like a giant grudge match to get any kind of government at all. Now she's there hanging on by her lovely manicured nails, it seems a bit like old' Julia's been dished some instant karma of the "you like consultation so much, here, consult on everything with everyone just to get the basics of your job done" variety.

Oh, and that climate change thing that I've been working on for nearly a decade? Apperently not so much of an issue now. Its a big conspiracy cooked up by the same people that made tonnes of money out of Y2K or something. Not sure how that happened, the IPCC being discredited, and all, but oh well, guess I can move on and do something different.

Anyway this wasn't going to be about national or global politics. Just I'm fed up with 2010 and would like to put in application for 2011 to start now thanks. I think maybe there's nicer times waiting in that year. It looks better in print too (post code for Surry Hills by the way, which is a nice part of town).

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J said...

oh I hear you sister. For me 2010 has been a year of such drawn out slow to eventuate things. All about things taking forever to into being, having more steps than imagineable, about delay, about plans being postponed, about 'oh this can't happen until this happens, but then it will all happen, for sure'. The year of the reschedule. The year of the reedit. Writing projects that end up being so slow that you run out of energy before the thing is finally edited and signed off on. Life tasks that involve more paperwork than you thought and depend on other people/organisations to keep things moving. Which is in synch with what was happening in politics too I guess. Stagnant and stuttering year I think.
2011 will have much quicker more decisive energy I hope. I can feel it in me waters.