27 September 2010


Last night I copied a downloaded version of the new Grinderman album (Grinderman 2) from a friend. Now, I've been to about 5, maybe 6 Bad Seeds concerts since 1993 when I first went to a Big Day Out and snogged a stranger when Deanna played live. I've paid cash money for about a dozen Nick Cave CDs including spoken word and a live and rare triple CD. I've been to the exhibition at the National Library (paid) and I've bought the lyrics book. Heck, I even bought tickets to the ballet Underworld which should have generated some royalties. I've probably played my part in keeping Australia's National Treasure in black hair-dye. I haven't listened to the new album yet, only because its not very housemate friendly, and *still* have a little pang of guilt that I've obtained it without rewarding the man's Muse. I think that might be the lamest example of oldest-child-over-adherence-to-authority-and-moralism that I know of.


meririsa said...

I don't think it's anything to do with oldest child stuff, as I'm not but I feel the same about bands/artists I especially like. I might come across albums via someone else giving me a copy, but if I like it, I buy my own copy. (OK, sometimes it's because the kids scratch the freebie CD and it gets stuck half way through the fifth track.)

BSharp said...

Hi! Oh, I was just referencing something I read once that stereotypically older kids were more keen to be 'good' and younger ones can be the rebels. Fits my 2-child fam a bit, probably not others.

Oh, Grinder man is pretty good. I'm liking "Heathen Child" a lot.

Kraxpelax said...



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BSharp said...

A mighty alliance indeed, Peter.

I know you are a robot but you have a nice turn of phrase.