5 December 2008

Advantages to living in a cold, calvinist country

  1. When you go to the shops at 5 pm, and make the 10 minute cycle home, your white wine is nicely chilled.
  2. It gets dark before five and people in canal houses tend to leave their curtains open until about nine. If you rug up and walk around in the early evening you have a very good chance of seeing someone naked.
  3. When it is snowing, and you absolutely have to go out to the bank, there are plently of other locals getting around who don't see anything strange in cycling when it is one degree and ice is gathering on your beanie.
  4. If you ride in this weather for more than 10 minutes your face goes kind of numb so you can't feel the little icy needles hitting anymore.
  5. Getting back inside makes you feel reborn.
  6. You get to see ducks walking around on icy ponds in the park . Haha, skating ducks.
  7. The exchange rate is very good to the dollar.
Disadvantages to living in Netherlands in the winter:
  1. It's cold
  2. It's calvinist

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