16 September 2008

Pattern recognition

(credits to Miss J for the title)

Via momus, I've found this fantastic bit on on-line art, exactitudes. Click on each tiny set of nine pics to see a kind of linnean system of classification of street fashions. Momus asks, did you find your own style there? Well, sadly I think I'm "yupstergirls" most of the time. But I say, check out all those little tribes and sub tribes. It goes across ten years, apparently. Each one has its own name. Would there be different classifications in Australia, do you reckon? I think I remember the 'gabberbitches" from high school days. But apparently the "gabber" was a young subculture with racsist overtones in Holland in the 90s.


meririsa said...

Yup, me too! Love how they included a few with pregnant bellies in that category!!

J said...

I love 'showpieces' Beijing (#32)
how cute and uncomfortable do they look? Maybe that's my style.
Great idea.