26 March 2008

Weather watch

Hi Australia,

I've done some photos and videos recently. Tell me your news.


Max Volume said...

Ooh snow, how exciting! I love snow. I hope you have lots of warm clothes...

News from Australia is rather thin on the ground, weather has been largely crap, it rained most of the summer, and I'm sure you've heard about the poor Adeladians suffering in weeks of ridiculous temperatures.

I enjoyed not going to work for four days, but failed utterly to do anything, which may be why it was so enjoyable.

Umm... I'll try and have some better news soon :)

Much love and warmth to you

M xx

J said...

Nice pics! We are eating mangoes off our very own suburban Sydney mango tree. Noice. And making dumplings. I am drawing in crayons and losing at scrabulous. Other than that nothing much particularly noteworthy :)
J xx