13 November 2007

Well that's a bit shit

ASIO interrogators were "grossly improper": judge

It looks like ASIO are playing out their fantasies of being hard-talking terrorist busting crime fighters for truth and justice through illegal detention, interrogation and trying to force a man to wear a wire to get more information on the people they think might really be the baddies.
.. It is the latest in a series of high-profile blunders by those responsible for prosecuting the war against terrorism.

In a damning judgment, Justice Michael Adams said the two ASIO officers "committed the criminal offences of false imprisonment and kidnapping at common law".

Their conduct was "grossly improper", he said. Ruling all subsequent police records of interview inadmissible, Justice Adams also observed that the officers' later explanations for their behaviour were defensive and, at times, untruthful.

And this is kind of crappy too:

Man stateless after immigration department admits mistake

Tony Tran, who was living in Brisbane with his wife and son, was detained in December 1999 when immigration officials told him his visa had been cancelled years earlier.

The Department admitted a mistake and released him after five-and-a-half years, but because he and his son have no permanent resident status they still face possible deportation

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