3 October 2007

Spending spree

Unlike my lovely crafty friend at Machen-machen, I'm not on any kind of no-buy or make-only stretch. Mostly because I can't sew for shit, but also I try not to be too exuberantly materialistic most of the time. Okay you hard-core freegans and dead furniture collectors out there - not as restrained as you that's true - don't mind the Ikea if only I had a vehicle to get those lovely flat packs home in. But since moving over the Atlantic, I have discovered the joy of internet shopping.

Oh man, it's the shit. First, John Safran. And we do still have a few episodes to go and the extra features too. So I think that's worth the price really. And now... wait for it - the complete. series two. Doctor Who. box. set. It arrived in a brown cardboard carton. Just like the sci fi porn that it is. And its got a holographic cover. Sigh. So much entertainment in one little package. I was about to post what it costs, in the spirit of confession. But no, that's a bit embarrassing. Lets just say it was quite a lot.

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J said...

oooh aaaah you stop it with your sci fi dirty talk. Fire up the deeve player, we are settling into serious couch time when I come stay. Oh and cycling and sight seeing. And Dr Who.