5 December 2006

You can't stop the scavengers

Sitting over a boozy Christmas lunch the other day I heard such a blogworthy tale. It's set during curbside collection - or hard rubbish day - as some of you may know it. It involves a mother of 2 kids under 3 and her sister touring the suburbs of Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches area. Said Mum just loves hard rubbish day, and according to her husband is pulling out toys for the kids and household items for days after, with an uncommon glee at the volume of free stuff you can get, that people were just going to throw away! To emphasise just how dedicated she is to this scavenging, hubby tells us she peed in the bushes that day. "What?", we ask - yes, well she really needed to go and realised she was too far from home to go back to use the loo, it would have meant the end of the trip, so she just stopped and went in the bushes, so she could keep on going and get more stuff. After this I was wiping my eyes with merriment and we were all congratulating this woman in her absence on her stoic determination. The best part is I know her too - used to be in the same team at work. She is a paragon of style and cool, and this just puts her even higher up in my estimation.

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Betty Sue said...

Hmmmm, now I am wondering who she is!! :)

I love hard rubbish day too. I come from a long line of tip rats - I remember being with my dad at the local tip once when one of his mates pulled up and said "g'day [dad'sname], are you depositing or withdrawing today?"