12 September 2003

Performance / Anxiety

Catpower, last weekend. Imagine a life where hundreds of people pay a chunk of the money they earn to keep themselves alive to come and spend a couple of hours to hear you strum a guitar and sing a few songs. So a chick in this modern world could get a bit overwhelmed by the pressure and responsibility. It that's the case then stay off the stage!

Perhaps I have got to a point where I expect a meagre $40 is enough to buy some comfort and escape via the magic of a live performace. Even an average live performance can lift (or maybe shunt) you to another place for a short while. Somewhere you haven't been before. Does that make me a shallow materialist ? Am I and hundreds of other drones in the big dirty city trying to buy beauty? Did Chan Marshall give us a nasty little lesson in where that attitude can lead to? Or is she a demented folk-rock parody who should never be let out past the door of a nice soft padded recording studio ?

Next post will be some review and commentry by some buddies (and some people who I've only met once) in the couple of days after the Catpower gig, all sent to me on email. I was inspired by how passionate some music fans can get when it all goes horribly wrong.

.. as soon as I can extract them from my catankerous work email server.

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