2 February 2004

Ugh! This morning I sent out my latest missive... only to realise (shock *and* horror) that I sent out the substandard draft and not the wittier, prettier version. I've tried all day to get over it... but being the obsessive compulsive perfectionist Virgo I am, I just *have* to post the real deal here - you know, to balance the universe and all that (kindred ocd kids understand even if you don't)


Okay kids, here's the latest...

First I gotta do the obligatory weather commentary: what the f'? Yes, I've heard all the 4-seasons-in-one-day rhetoric but it's gotta be experienced to be believed. I've been gifted with two very poignant wisdoms on Melbourne's meteorlogical (sp?) mayhem: "if you don't like Melbourne weather, wait a minute" and; "we get Adelaide weather with rain on it" That about sums it up.

Meanwhile, the art all around me is equally variable with similar effects - one minute I'm sweating, shivering the next. *Finally* visual stimulation that moves me.

I've just come out of my 3rd session of the Resistance film program put on by acmi - it's a focus on Australian counter culture - Sharpies, Punks, Surfers, Radicals - and Street Artists - it's all excellent... especially some wicked little mini-docos on the stencil movement which are filling in all the gaps between my own street explorations both here and in Adelaide. And my prolific photographic/note-taking research is turning up interesting connections - like spotting stencil worx here that I've already encounted in the hometown (cab?) - what is this? a touring exhibition? ;-)

Ideas are coming thick and fast - barely have time to capture them, lock them down... the lanes are unrelenting - each one overflowing with art whether it be a Melbourne City Council sanctioned installation or the stencils that I'm seeking out. This place is one giant gallery.

What about the acmi gig you ask? Well that's all going pretty well so far - though I do fluctuate between blind panic at the enormity of the task (and the 5 minutes we've got to do it in), to feeling more calm and focussed than I ever have before. I still get disarmed by the amount of people asking my curatorial opinion... and then disarmed again when I have a thought-through and articulate one to give! But I will say this: I have never been to so many meetings in my whole life! I don't know how anyone gets anything done around here ;-) Oh, and exhibition openings. If you don't schmooze, you lose!

But enough hi-brow - everyone knows I love my lo-brow... went and saw 'Step into Liquid' - surf movie made by Dana Brown (son of the guy who made Endless Summer) - I love that shit!

Okay - gotta run and see another session on stenz ills... so here's the no-frills report:

Primary source of the bean: Degraves Espresso (and yes they serve it in a paper cup!)

Best Visual Art (in a gallery): The giant 20ft x 20ft letter "X" at acca (australian centre for contemporary art)... as Witty noted: there's something very Sesame Street about it.

Best Visual Art (on the street): the whole of Leicester street, Fitzroy - Stencil Nation!!!

Best Performance Art: the guy on a mike in Fed Square doing a running commentary on all the people walking past... the kinda stuff that runs through yr own head, but broadcast for all to hear - *killed* myself laughing :'D

Weird-assed Scene of the week: the Hari parade on Swanston... led by a piano accordian (!?)

Thought for the week: how yr exempt from a madness classification whilst roaming the streets in yr pyjamas if you are within a block of a hospital.

New big-city skill: becoming a seasoned jaywalker with the best of 'em - Woz sent me running across Lygon street and into the night yelling out "break all the rules! break all the rules!" behind me... and I flagrantly ignored every green man all the way home.

Best Quote from Resistance: "there's a lattice of coincidence that lies on top of everything"

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