27 January 2004

Melbourne is a lawless society where sk8ers are a majority group, bike helmets are optional, and the green man offers hesitant advice rather than commanding any orders. Pedestrian crossings and footpaths are vortexs' of chaos best navigated from the fringes - collisions are frequent. But I'm getting used to the odd serenity I feel in the eye of the cbd storm.

When I ventured out to my 12th floor balcony early this morning, the air smelled like rain and coffee... a radical and fresh departure from the weekend's heady odour of gunpowder (Chinese ny, Australia day...) - but I'm not complaining - I had the primo supremo vantage point for watching the Fed Square fireworks - all in the comfort of my public-holiday-Monday-night pyjamas... it doesn't get any better than that.

I spent the w/e sampling a fraction of the gazillion festivals and bars going on here - a bizzare blend of emerging writers, gay pride, beer gardens, dumpling houses, hippy metal and vodka cocktails. At one point I wandered onto Brunswick street unsupervised... and found the Alannah Hill clearance shop - uh-oh! recipe for certain disaster - but an essential survival tool when setting up camp in this town. I also located the Loco Lowriders, a secret underground supermarket mecca, and a fantasy tan studio... so I think everything's gonna be okay ;-) Now all I have to do is find a coffee joint that serves my morning brew in an oldskool paper cup.

So I've had more days off than on so far... but I'm still keeping my eye on the task at hand - getting this net art exhibition together. ACMI is a damn impressive outfit and I'm feeling a little bit rockstar with my "access all areas" security pass - although I'm beginning to regret exorcising all the black from my wardrobe back in the summer of 2001... what was I thinking?! Still, I'm managing to blend into the natural environment in my [one and only] emergency black skivvy, sipping on super strength caffeine and debating the relevance of screen-based net art in the context of the wider new media movement. Bottom line? Everyone loves a bit of 3D ;-)

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